The secret to stress-free packing

The trouble with inventors is that we can’t stop inventing! And with travel so close to my heart, you won’t be surprised when I introduce my new brainchild: the Zpac set of 4 packing cubes.

Previously clocking up thousands of miles a year as a Virgin Atlantic flight attendant, I’m no stranger to trying to cram your entire world into a too-small suitcase. My Zpac set of 4 packing cubes will help you to pack more efficiently and maximise the space in your case. Clothes just thrown into a suitcase take up a lot more space than those that are neatly folded – if you don’t believe me, just look at this picture:

Our unique patent pending see-through Z-mesh makes it easy to identify contents from the top, middle and bottom of the cube – as well as keeping everything well-ventilated.


At just 278g the set of four, Zpac won’t push you over your weight limit either. They are made from super- strong, but ultra-light non-rip nylon. Two-way zips make opening and closing quick and easy and each cube has a grab handle for convenience when carried by themselves.

The largest cube (44.5cm x 32.4cm x 8.3cm) is perfect for bulky items including trousers and jackets. Cube two (34.9cm x 24.7cm x 7.6cm) is still a very generous size. When sharing a suitcase, I like to assign one of the two bigger cubes to each person. The third packing cube, at 27.9cm x 17.1cm x 7.6cm, is the optimum dimensions for packing away smaller items including t-shirts and underwear.

The smallest Zpac cube (18.3cm x 12.9cm x 2.8cm) is perfect home for the increasing number of cables we all carry around with us (tablet and phone chargers, Kindle etc) or alternatively for storing passports, tickets, boarding cards and travellers’ cheques.

The Zpac cubes are so flexible, their uses go beyond simply space-saving in your suitcase. I like to use the packing cubes to separate clean from dirty washing on the return leg of the journey. One of the middle-sized cubes makes a great overnight bag within my suitcase, packed with just the essentials for a one-night stop over.

Friends have used the Zpacs to organise a hospital bag (clean underwear, nightwear, toiletries, magazines), baby bag (nappies, wipes, bibs, dummies, change of clothes, feeding paraphernalia) or gym bag (refreshments, clean and dirty kit, toiletries) and for keeping their medical and first aid kit in top shape (can you ever find the antihistamines when you really need them?)

The Zpac set of 4 packing cubes comes in a choice of red, lime green and charcoal and costs £22.95 on Amazon.


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Eight best in-flight essentials

As a former flight attendant, friends often turn to me for travel tips. Whether you’re about to board a long haul flight or just travelling short haul, here’s my top eight ideas for making the experience more comfortable.

(1) Collapsible water bottle

I know we can no longer carry large amounts of liquids through customs (limited quantities 100ml), but a collapsible water bottle is still on my list of inflight essentials. Rather than paying for costly bottled water on arrival, I like to take the opportunity to fill my own.

I like this space saving Ohyo bottle, which comes in green, turquoise, pink or white for around £5. The great thing about the Ohyo bottle is that it concertinas down to a third of its height when empty.  Plus parents can buy with confidence because it’s BPA and PET free and is dishwasher safe.

(2) Sleep Mask (from our website)

You might think you’re not able to sleep on a plane, but a really good sleep mask can make all the difference.  I’ve really struggled with them in the past, especially the ones that press against your eyes lids as they would always make my eyes hot and irritated. The J-pillow contoured sleep has two molded

areas to ensure there’s no contact with your eyes.  You’re even able to open your eyes and blink with them on so it’s just like being in a dark room.  They cost £6.99 including p&p from the Jpillow website. Learn more about our contoured sleep mask.

(3) Noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling headphones remove background noise, including engine hum and other people’s children! You can use them without music to get a bit of peace and quiet. Or if you are playing music, you won’t need to turn it up so loud, which is obviously better for your ears.

This What Hi-Fi award-winning pair from Lindy, for around £40, was voted The Daily Mirror Best Buy.

(4) Eucalyptus oil

A tiny bottle of eucalyptus oil is my airplane survival wildcard. A multi-purpose wonder, a dab of this soothing oil can help relieve the dried-out nasal passages and tickly throat so common in the cabin. A small drop on your forehead will relieve the beginnings of a tension headache, just make sure it is diluted first before applying to the skin.  It can really help relieve the pressure in the ears when flying, just put a few drops on a cloth and inhale for take off and landing. Eucalyptus is also an effective insect repellent.  Depending on what you want to spend, you can pick it up at your local chemist for around £2, buy the organic variety from Neal’s Yard for £4.50 or splash out on a posh Aveda bottle.

(5) Tempting treat

Everyone knows drinking alcohol on the plane will only make you feel worse. Not so with this hangover-free treat. Gin & Tonic gourmet popcorn from London’s Joe & Seph’s is infused with 5% London Gin and 5% tonic, air popped and coated with a light caramel. £4 per 70g bag.

(6) Perfumed wipes

A million miles away from baby wipes, Agua de Colonia refreshing tissues have a wonderfully reviving citrus smell, combining lemon, lavender, geranium and eucalyptus with essential oils of rosemary, thyme and bergamot. These individually wrapped credit card-sized wipes from Madrid’s oldest fragrance house are £3.95 for a box of 10. They can be used anywhere on the body and can invigorate and refresh your skin in an instant.

(7) Digital Luggage Scales

OK, these are not strictly for promoting comfort in the cabin, but we had to include this fab invention. Make sure your holiday mementoes haven’t taken you overthe limit with these tiny digital luggage scales from Find Me a Gift. Measuring just 13cm x 5cm x 3cm, they are a great way to keep clear of excess baggage fees. £17.99

(8) Neck pillow

We couldn’t write an inflight essentials list without including the J-pillow. Our award-winning design was created to support the neck from the side and the front when sleeping upright. The padded version has a snap loop fastener at the top of the pillow which enables it to be clipped to the outside of your luggage while in transit but if you are particularly tight on space, try the inflatable version at £19.99.

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J-pillow 2

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J-pillow’s medical art images

I’m absolutely loving the medical art images that have just been added to the website. I think they encapsulate perfectly how the J-pillow helps keep the spine in its correct anatomical position when compared to sleeping with no support at all. You just need to look at them and you instantly get the picture.

The website’s nearly finished now, I just need to concentrate on the videos next. Maybe I’ll work on that next week when the boys go back to school.

I missed the boys so much when I was at the British invention Show last week but I’ve come back to half term and one of the busiest work weeks I’ve had for a long time.

I’ve mixed feelings about half term.  I love not having the strict deadlines and routines associated with school (not great on either) but then in exchange I have  three energetic boys  bouncing off the furniture and continually play fighting with each other while I’m trying to make ‘professional’ phone calls with potential customers.

Despite all that it’s been a really good week with lots of exciting things in the pipeline for J-pillow. I can’t say too much now but I’m keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed for the next few weeks.


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J-pillow scoops top consumer award at British Invention Show

Gemma Jensen wins top invention award for J-pillow

Gemma Jensen wins top invention award for J-pillow at the British Invention Show

WowWee!!! J-pillow won the top consumer award at the British Invention Show. I’m absolutely amazed and delighted by receiving the award, I still cannot believe it!! It was so exciting when they announced J-pillow as winner  - it was just like being at the Oscars (well sort of!).

The show was an overwhelming success, not only from the point of view of winning such a prestigious award but from all the contacts I made with businesses here and abroad who would like to sell the J-pillow around the world.

It was also great to be able to see so many other inventions in one place and swap notes with the fellow exhibitors.

Gemma wins award at BIS

Gemma Jensen scoops platinum award at British Invention Show






Where else could you do this?  We would  talk to our hearts content about such things as Community Registered Design and Patents, without the fear of boring each other to tears!!



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Three days and counting

J-pillow supports four areas!

The J-pillow supports your head in two places plus your neck and chin.


Working flat out getting everything ready to showcase J-pillow at the  the British Invention Show.

I have to leave at 3am Wednesday morning to avoid the traffic. Don’t want to be late as the first day is press day.

Looking forward to going but I’m really going to miss the boys!





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Countdown begins to the British Invention Show 2012……


The J-pillow: A simple yet effective design!

Only four days to go before the 12th British Invention Show takes Place at the Barbican Centre in London.

This is the place where Inventors from all over the world come to showcase their latest creations. My name’s Gemma Jensen I am very excited to be joining them with my invention – the J-pillow.12th British invention Show takes place at the Barbican Centre in London.

The J-pillow is a travel, life-style and orthopaedic pillow that helps you rest when sitting in an upright position and stops your head from nodding forward while you sleep. It’s going to be a great opportunity to meet the other inventors at the show and maybe even develop new business opportunities as well!



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Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to the new J-pillow blog!

The J-pillow is an amazing new patent pending pillow that helps you to sleep or rest while sitting up.

Please check back soon for news and updates from us.

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