The secret to stress-free packing

The trouble with inventors is that we can’t stop inventing! And with travel so close to my heart, you won’t be surprised when I introduce my new brainchild: the Zpac set of 4 packing cubes.

Previously clocking up thousands of miles a year as a Virgin Atlantic flight attendant, I’m no stranger to trying to cram your entire world into a too-small suitcase. My Zpac set of 4 packing cubes will help you to pack more efficiently and maximise the space in your case. Clothes just thrown into a suitcase take up a lot more space than those that are neatly folded – if you don’t believe me, just look at this picture:

Our unique patent pending see-through Z-mesh makes it easy to identify contents from the top, middle and bottom of the cube – as well as keeping everything well-ventilated.


At just 278g the set of four, Zpac won’t push you over your weight limit either. They are made from super- strong, but ultra-light non-rip nylon. Two-way zips make opening and closing quick and easy and each cube has a grab handle for convenience when carried by themselves.

The largest cube (44.5cm x 32.4cm x 8.3cm) is perfect for bulky items including trousers and jackets. Cube two (34.9cm x 24.7cm x 7.6cm) is still a very generous size. When sharing a suitcase, I like to assign one of the two bigger cubes to each person. The third packing cube, at 27.9cm x 17.1cm x 7.6cm, is the optimum dimensions for packing away smaller items including t-shirts and underwear.

The smallest Zpac cube (18.3cm x 12.9cm x 2.8cm) is perfect home for the increasing number of cables we all carry around with us (tablet and phone chargers, Kindle etc) or alternatively for storing passports, tickets, boarding cards and travellers’ cheques.

The Zpac cubes are so flexible, their uses go beyond simply space-saving in your suitcase. I like to use the packing cubes to separate clean from dirty washing on the return leg of the journey. One of the middle-sized cubes makes a great overnight bag within my suitcase, packed with just the essentials for a one-night stop over.

Friends have used the Zpacs to organise a hospital bag (clean underwear, nightwear, toiletries, magazines), baby bag (nappies, wipes, bibs, dummies, change of clothes, feeding paraphernalia) or gym bag (refreshments, clean and dirty kit, toiletries) and for keeping their medical and first aid kit in top shape (can you ever find the antihistamines when you really need them?)

The Zpac set of 4 packing cubes comes in a choice of red, lime green and charcoal and costs £22.95 on Amazon.


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